S.T.E.P. Subdivisions

SEC, Inc. is one of the few consulting firms in the State of Tennessee that designs the decentralized sewage treatment systems know as STEP systems, and with over 4,200 STEP lots designed, there are few other firms with as much experience.

With pumps in the septic tanks, they are termed STEP Systems for Septic Tank Effluent Pump. However, this does not describe the treatment process. The effluent is pumped from the STEP tank into a common force main in the subdivision. The force main delivers the effluent to a recirculating sand filter (RSF). In the RSF, the effluent receives the majority of its treatment. The effluent passes through the RSF four times before it is pumped through a disc filter and ultraviolet light effectively destroying bacteria and viruses before releasing it in a subsurface drip irrigation system. At this point, the soil continues to provide treatment on an already cleaned effluent.

When compared to the standard sewage treatment plant (STP), residential effluent from a decentralized plant measures quite well. The BOD5 effluent averages 4.0mg/L with an efficiency of 98% [vs. a local STP 4.3mg/L, 98%]. The nitrate effluent averages 0.21mg/L with an efficiency of 99.6% [vs. 5.3mg/L (nitrate + nitrite)]. The total suspended solids (TSS) are below detectable levels [vs. 0.7mg/L]. The fecal coliform average 2.3/100ml [vs. 9/100ml]. Comparing the effluent, it is easily seen that the STEP System is more effective than the traditional tertiary STP for residential effluent.


A List of SEC, Inc. Designed S.T.E.P. Subdivisions:

Subdivision Name: Total Lots:
Davenport Station 529
Cascade Falls 400
Creeksbend 317
Lewis Downs 260
Springhouse 257
Waldron Farms Section V 190
Fleming Farms 185
Colonial Estates Section XII 160
Pinnacle Hills 154
Stewarts Springs 154
Berkshire Ridge 150
Valley View 134
Gatewood 130
Thompson Grove 126
Crescent Ridge 124
Crescent Cove 124
Forrest Ridge Section III 123
Farmington 120
River Cove 120
Malibu Estates 117
Chestnut Valley 111
Polston Place 86
Jordan Meadows 79
Autumn Glen 73
Harrison Glen 70
Blackberry Ridge 70
Waldron Crossing 69
Stonewood 62
The Villages of Twin Oaks 57
Kingsmill 54
Autumn Cove 40
Royal Glen Sec. 6 36
Sunnydale 26
American Greeting (Afton, TN) ---
Total Lots: 4707